GameChanger Suite

Configurable, Flexible Solution for End-to-End Policy Administration

GameChanger® is DRC’s highly configurable policy administration system designed specifically for the property and casualty insurance industry that changes the way business gets done. GameChanger’s Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable Technology offers a fully integrated, end-to-end policy administration for Personal, Commercial, and Specialty lines of business providing insurers with the competitive edge they need to stay in the game.

At GameChanger’s core is a well-managed, reliable framework of policy services and highly configurable Product Playbooks for product definition. Product Playbooks are available by line of business and encapsulate the product definition by rates, rules, forms and flow. Each version of the Product Playbooks are securely tracked and managed by GamePlan, an advanced monitoring and control portal.

GameChanger enables companies to manage their policy base, quotes, ratings, policy administration, billing, and claims, and includes a powerful set of portals and mobile apps for iPhone and Android, allowing 24/7 access to the entire user community. GameChanger’s advanced technology base, meets the requirements of businesses of all sizes and in all US markets.


  • Fully integrated end-to-end policy administration system built on a modern service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Crisp user interface with enhanced views, dashboards, and search capabilities
  • Automated editing, rating, rate calculation, billing, and claims processing
  • Configurable Product Playbooks accommodate product specific information managed by business users and subject matter experts
  • Deployable in the cloud, on premise, or as a service


  • Increases productivity by speeding up all key tasks related to managing your multiple lines
  • Enables improved data accuracy through automated calculations and elimination of manual data re-entry
  • Enhances customer satisfaction through faster response and improved customer service capabilities
  • Increases staff productivity at all levels by focusing on the business rather than on paperwork